The selection process for SDF’s sponsorship and scholarship programs is carefully designed to be impartial and in alignment with the specific objectives of each program.

1. Initial Eligibility Assessment:

We conduct an initial eligibility check to ensure that candidates match the required criteria. These characteristics might include things like age, income, educational background, or geographic region. Only applications meeting these criteria progress to the next stage.

2. Evaluating Financial Need and Health Conditions:

For the Sponsorship, we assess financial need based on income and other relevant factors. In health sponsorship programs, we consider the severity of health conditions and access to healthcare. Meanwhile, our youth and manpower empowerment programs evaluate economic vulnerability and the potential impact of support on the applicants.

3. Academic Excellence or Skill Potential:

Academic merit and skill development potential play a role in the selection process for the Adeleke University Scholarship and manpower empowerment programs. Applicants with strong academic records or a demonstrated aptitude for skill development may receive preferential treatment.

4. Special Consideration for Vulnerable Populations:

We prioritize vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, pregnant women, and individuals with disabilities, in our health sponsorship and youth empowerment programs.