The Springtime Development Foundation is a non-profit, Seventh – day Adventist Christian, non-governmental organisation with its head office in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria, established in 1996 and exclusively funded by Dr Deji Adeleke.
It is worthy to know that Springtime Development Foundation gave birth to the prestigious Adeleke University as part of the Vision of the Foundation in helping young people on the street to give their lives a meaning.

Purpose of the Policy Document

The major goal of this policy document is to create a clear and well-defined framework for managing the Springtime Development Foundation’s (SDF) sponsorship and scholarship programs. This document outlines the initiatives’ aims, eligibility conditions, operating processes, and roles and duties in detail. It is designed to ensure that the allocation of resources, selection of beneficiaries, and support provision are consistent with SDF’s mission of empowering marginalized communities and individuals.

This policy document serves as an essential reference for all stakeholders, including students, SDF staff, and partners. It provides clear guidance on the administration of sponsorship and scholarship programs, promoting accountability, fairness, and efficient resource utilization through a structured approach.

Scope and Applicability

This policy document encompasses all sponsorship and scholarship programs administered by the Springtime Development Foundation. It includes a broad spectrum of initiatives, such as support for students at Adeleke University, health sponsorship, youth empowerment, and manpower empowerment. The policies outlined herein are relevant to both program beneficiaries and the organization itself.

The document’s scope extends to the following areas:

Adeleke University Sponsorship: This section outlines the various forms of assistance offered to students at Adeleke University. It covers aspects like accommodation, meals, tuition, and additional support programs.

Health Sponsorship; This program outlines the standards and procedures, for providing support in the field of healthcare to those who’re less privileged well as to communities and organizations in need.

Youth Empowerment Sponsorship; The aim of this initiative is to inspire and enable individuals to bring about transformations, in both their personal lives and the communities they belong to. The policy document provides details on eligibility criteria and the application process.

Manpower Empowerment Sponsorship: Focusing on developing the skills and capabilities of individuals for personal and professional growth, this program is guided by the policy document’s outlined principles.

School Fee Support

SDF is committed to making quality education accessible to all students. Our School Fee Support component encompasses various avenues to ensure financial constraints do not hinder academic progress:

Tuition Fee Assistance: SDF may provide coverage for a portion or the entirety of tuition fees for eligible students. This assistance facilitates academic advancement and minimizes financial obstacles.

Scholarships: Meritorious students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements may be awarded scholarships. These scholarships are designed to recognize and reward excellence, further motivating students to excel in their studies. The scholarship maybe full or partial.

Eligibility Criteria

Scholarship and Sponsorship Eligibility for Adeleke University Students

The eligibility criteria for scholarships and sponsorships available to Adeleke University students are structured to enhance access to quality education and to eliminate poverty and ensure equal opportunities for all. In order to qualify for financial assistance, students must meet the following requirements:

Scholarship examination: All intending candidates for Scholarship must go through Aptitude test.

Financial need: It’s important that applicants show they have limited access to educational resources and their family’s income, spending, and financial constraints. This is because people with less tend to try harder and get further.

Academic achievement: Achieving good grades breaks the cycle of poverty. For this reason, SDF places high importance on it. To continue receiving funding, students must maintain a minimum GPA set by the program. If the average slips below it then the funds will be cut off.

Admission into Adeleke University: All students must be admitted into Adeleke University in order to be considered for financial assistance. They also need to provide proof of their acceptance and enrolment status.

Compliance with Program Requirements: Eligible students must adhere to all program requirements and maintain good academic standing to continue receiving support. This includes meeting attendance and performance expectations as outlined by the scholarship program.

Eligibility Criteria for Health Sponsorship

Health sponsorship eligibility is aimed at individuals and communities facing healthcare resource limitations. It encompasses:

Socioeconomic Status: Targeting low-income individuals.

Access Barriers: Demonstrating restricted access to vital healthcare services.

Health Conditions: Prioritizing chronic illnesses, disabilities, or specific health needs causing economic hardship.

Geography: Focusing on remote or underserved areas.

Vulnerable Populations: Giving preference to children, the elderly, pregnant women, and individuals with disabilities.